Regenerative Medicine: A Natural Approach to Treating Sports Injuries

Did you know that one average about 8.6 million sports injuries occur every year? And many of the treatments out there, like narcotics and surgery, are painful or often addictive. With regenerative medicine, we can effectively repair damaged tissues, facilitate the healing process, and completely restore your body.

At Portland Foot and Ankle Institute, Dr. Michael A. Gentile and his team are dedicated to your whole body health. They believe in a holistic approach to health care that addresses the root problems of your pain, rather than just the symptoms. That’s why we’re proud to offer you regenerative medicine solutions that help you heal inside and out. 

Sports injuries: Speeding the recovery process

When it comes to treating sports injuries, regenerative medicine uses restorative cells from your own body to accelerate your body’s natural healing process. This means no harsh chemicals or invasive operations. We offer a couple of different treatment options when it comes to regenerative medicine.

Platelet-rich plasma therapy

Platelet-rich plasma therapy relies on the restorative power of your own blood. Platelets are the most important part of your blood. They contain hundreds of proteins and growth factors that promote healing and clotting when you sustain a sports injury.  

If you opt for this treatment option, we draw a small portion of your blood, then spin it in a centrifuge, which then creates a highly concentrated and potent serum called PRP. We then inject this specialized solution into the source of your pain. The injection works by helping to ease inflammation, promoting tissue and cell renewal, and by jump-starting the natural healing process. 

Mesenchymal cell injections

Stem cell injections work by promoting rapid cell renewal, tissue regeneration, and the accelerated healing of injured joints and tissues that are damaged.  

At our offices, we don’t use embryonic stem cells, but rather mesenchymal stem cells. They’re extracted from donated and prescreened umbilical cord tissues. Mesenchymal cells, when injected into a sports injury, promote the regeneration of healthy cartilage tissues. They are actually capable of changing into the sort of body cells that facilitate fast and efficient healing. 

Unique pain solutions 

At Portland Foot and Ankle Institute, we believe in finding treatment options that are customizable to your individual needs. When it comes to sports medicine, we can combine the powerful benefits of regenerative medicine with other therapies, to ensure that we’re addressing all of your unique needs. 

We can, for example, combine a targeted physical therapy and sports medicine program to help expand your range of motion and speed up the healing process. What you need depends on your injury and your body, and we can help you figure out a treatment plan during your appointment. 

Start experiencing lasting pain relief, and call us or make an appointment today. 

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