The Portland Foot & Ankle Reconstructive Fellowship is designed to produce an exceptional foot and ankle surgeon. Fellows get exposed and participate in all facets of healthcare delivery.


The chosen candidates who receive the opportunity to join us at the Portland Foot & Ankle Reconstructive Fellowship will be trained to become exceptional foot and ankle surgeons. The candidates are provided the full experience of being a doctor each day of their stay. They are exposed to and participate in all healthcare delivery under the close supervision of a lead surgeon. They will be trained in sports medicine, reconstructive and revision surgery, reconstructive tendon surgery, and each of the duties of management. We want our chosen candidates to be prepared to take on as many different cases as they can before they choose which path they would like to specialize in.

This program monumentally important to the PFAI; through these efforts, we are able to help the newest generation of healthcare providers grow while inspiring them to continue our legacy of dedicated research and innovation development. It makes each of our doctors proud to watch the candidates grow and learn everything they need to become highly successful and talented surgeons.

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