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What sets us apart?

With our love for what we do, we continually strive to stay abreast of the most revolutionary and innovative techniques, information and technology within the fields relating to foot and ankle medicine. We always find enjoyment in educating our patients about what steps are involved in their continued care so that they are able to truly understand their options, rather than just proceeding with treatment without them comprehending the process. We find that by continuously informing our clients of the procedures we are performing, they are more prone to taking an active role in their care, and are more likely to communicate any necessary changes in their future treatments and rehabilitation.

Being a Center of Excellence is our Goal

Striving to be a Center of Excellence, we focus greatly on continuing our education, research/innovation endeavors and to stay in touch with our patients’ needs and desires throughout the recovery process. By achieving each of these steps, we continue to grow as a practice while remaining a leader in foot and ankle surgery and medicine. Our goal is important as it allows us to significantly expand our research and innovation opportunities. In turn this will extend our ability to find new and improved ways to help people recover from their injuries.

We remain immersed in research and innovation endeavors, which include patient outcome studies along with multi-centered research and product design & development. These are each fields that can be greatly expanded upon and revolutionized, allowing research to continue to evolve and develop more advanced medical practices.

We are fortunate to have doctors who are so talented in their fields that they are on the international stage when it comes to educating their peers. This also allows us to host other innovators who then get to work with our patients and staff.

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