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Arthritis can cause long-term pain and stiffness in any joint in your body, but it’s particularly common in the small joints of your ankle and foot. Portland, Oregon-based podiatrist and foot and ankle surgeon Michael A. Gentile, DPM, FACFAS, treats arthritis in patients of all ages at his practice, Portland Foot & Ankle Institute. If you think you have arthritis of the foot and ankle, call or book an appointment online today.

Arthritis Q & A

What is arthritis?

Arthritis can affect any joint of the foot and ankle. There are many different types of arthritis. Some may have inflammation (red, warm, and swollen joints) and others may not. The most common types of arthritis include:


The most common type of arthritis, osteoarthritis involves wear-and-tear damage to the cartilage that protects the ends of your bones at a joint. Also known as degenerative arthritis, this condition can eventually lead to bone grinding against bone. This may result in bone spurs and joint pain.

Rheumatoid arthritis

Rheumatoid arthritis is an autoimmune disease that causes your immune system to attack the tissue lining your joint capsule. This condition can spread to many joints in your body and often begins in the foot and ankle. This most often presents with redness, warmth, swelling, and stiffness.

Posttraumatic arthritis

Posttraumatic arthritis is a type of osteoarthritis that develops after a foot or ankle injury, such as a fracture. An injured joint is about seven times more likely to develop arthritis than an uninjured one.

What are the symptoms of foot and ankle arthritis?

Signs and symptoms of arthritis vary depending on the specific joint affected, but typically include:

  • Joint swelling, redness, and warmth
  • Pain that worsens with activity
  • Tenderness when applying pressure
  • Extra bumps of bone (bone spurs)

All types of foot and ankle arthritis can cause pain and symptoms that make it difficult to walk, run, and perform your favorite activities. Dr. Gentile and the team at Portland Foot & Ankle Institute are committed to improving your quality of life with effective arthritis treatments.

How is arthritis of the foot and ankle diagnosed and treated?

To diagnose arthritis, Dr. Gentile reviews your symptoms and medical history, and performs a physical exam. He may take X-rays to determine the severity of your condition.

Arthritis has no cure, but Dr. Gentile and the team at Portland Foot & Ankle Institute offer innovative treatments to relieve your pain and symptoms. Treatment usually begins with nonsurgical methods, like physical therapy, oral or injectable medication, and assistive devices.

If arthritis causes severe pain and symptoms that interfere with your daily life and don’t improve with conservative treatments, Dr. Gentile may recommend surgery.

As a board-certified foot, rearfoot, and reconstructive ankle surgeon, Dr. Gentile is highly qualified to perform a vast array of procedures. He performs minimally invasive or arthroscopic surgery whenever possible. Other surgeries include joint fusion or replacement.

To find relief from arthritis and get back to the life you love, call Portland Foot & Ankle Institute or book an appointment online today.